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Buyer's Brokerage Service

In the market to purchase a home? Let Elder Broach Properties partner with you to find the home of your dreams! Representation by an Elder Broach licensed real estate broker will give you the protection and advantages that you deserve as a buyer. Did you know that the real estate agent who "lists" the home only has the sellerís interests in mind? In other words, the listing agent is under contract with the seller to maximize the selling price of the home. For absolutely no cost to you, Elder Broach can represent you and your interests helping you maximize the amount of home you get for your dollar. Our buyer representation services include, but are not limited to:

To counter this, buyers need their own representation. Elder Broach Properties offers expert buyer representation, and there is no charge for this service! Some of the areas that we can assist you are:

  • Obtaining a mortgage loan with a reputable and honest lender.
  • Pre-qualifications and pre-approvals free of charge. We can also work with a lender of your choice.
  • Locating properties in the areas you want, in the price range that you choose.
  • Offering an opinion on the fair market value of a property based on comparable area sales.
  • Aggressively negotiating the purchase price.
  • Aggressively negotiating the best contract terms based on your needs (closing date, closing costs, etc.).
  • Hiring of expert, licensed, home inspectors for structural, mechanical, and wood destroying insect reports.
  • Negotiating repairs after the inspections are complete.
  • Hiring of a competent and competitively priced real estate closing attorney.
  • Securing homeowners insurance

After the purchase is complete, we can advise and assist you in many different real estate areas. These include advice on reducing your mortgage debt quickly, where to find reasonable home repair experts, and keeping you up to date on mortgage interest rates, recent sales in your neighborhood, etc. It makes sense to use Buyer Agency representation when you purchase a home, and Elder Broach Properties is ready to work for you!
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